School Handbooks

School Handbooks 2016/2017

Please find links below to our School Handbooks for entry to RMS in September 2016.

Senior School (Year 7 - 11) Handbook

Sixth Form Handbook

Year 7 - 13 Boarding Handbook

Overseas Boarding Handbook

Essential Information for Boarders

Year 7 Boarding Reply Slips

Year 7 Day Girl Reply Slips

Year 8-10 Day Girl Reply Slips

Year 8-10 Boarding Reply Slips 

Sixth Form Day Girl Reply Slips

Sixth Form Boarding Reply Slips

Digital Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Sixth Form Reading List (September 2016 Entry)

Holiday Work for Girls entering Year 10 September 2016

Please find below links to some preparation work which will help girls joining Year 10 in September 2016


In Year 9, RMS girls start the GCSE Science course, and below are links to the work that has been covered.  Science staff will of course help new Year 10 girls to catch up during the first term, but ask that you please try to work through the topics below, and answer the questions that you find at the bottom of each page. Please bring this with you in September. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Sears, Head of Science, via email

Other Subjects:

Sixth Form Reading List

Here is a list of recommended reading for girls entering Year 12 in September 2016

Sixth Form Reading List

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