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facebook A hugely successful weekend for RMS gymnastics and swimming - congratulations to Serena and Miranda who won silver medals at the British Schools Gymnastics National Finals; and to Ceara who swam for England against France, Russia and Italy - she competed in four events and came home with two bronze medals and one silver! Huge congratulations to all three girls! 04/05/2016
school photos RMS Ducks 04/05/2016
school tweets A fun morning pond dipping, with lots of interesting finds! Time to look under the microscope. # Yr4 # OutdoorLearning 04/05/2016 | @RMSforGirls
facebook Gertrude the RMS duck is back again in the Chapel Quad with her new ducklings... 04/05/2016
school tweets Fantastic achievement well done Ceara! 04/05/2016 | @RMSforGirls
school tweets Sister Act! Miranda & Serena on their way to silver medals at the British Schools Gymmastics National finals # proud 03/05/2016 | @RMSforGirls
facebook We've got a couple of fantastic STEAM events coming up in the next few weeks, open to girls in Years 7 to 13. The first is a Minecraft "build and share" session and the second is called "Light it Up" and is a workshop during which girls will build and light and sound installation using coding and apps. Both offer a fantastic opportunity for girls. You can book your daughters' places via the following links: For the Minecraft workshop on 14th May click and for the Light It Up session click 03/05/2016
school photos Cadogan House Egg Drop April 2016 03/05/2016
school photos Value of the Month - Commitment, May 2016 03/05/2016
school news The Cadogan House 8th Annual Egg Drop 03/05/2016
school news Year 5 French Experience 03/05/2016
school news Year 7 and 8 Trip to the Opal Coast, France - April 2016 03/05/2016
Issuu Hind House Sixth Form Bulletin 5 29/04/16 29/04/2016
Issuu Parent Newsletter 29/04/16 29/04/2016
Issuu Hind House Sixth Form Bulletin 4 22/04/16 22/04/2016

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